butcher 0.1.4 2021-03-19

  • Ensure butcher is compatible with recipes 0.1.16, where a few steps have been renamed.

  • Fixed issue with survival 3.2-10, where butcher was using frailty terms incorrectly (#184).

butcher 0.1.3 2021-03-04


  • Fixed an issue where axing a parsnip ‘model_fit’ would return the underlying model object rather than the altered ‘model_fit’.

  • Fixed a few test failures related to changes in parsnip (#157).

butcher 0.1.2 2020-01-23


  • Examples for C50 objects were updated to reflect data files were now located in modeldata.

butcher 0.1.1 2020-01-07


  • modeldata was added as a dependency since the data files required for testing axe methods on models objects instantiated for testing were moved into this library.
  • glmnet was removed as a dependency since the new version depends on 3.6.0 or greater. Keeping it would constrain butcher to that same requirement. All glmnet tests are run locally.

butcher 0.1.0 2019-08-09

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.